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Main Office

Here are a few reminders from the Main Office to address some frequently asked questions:

  1. Please notify the office of any phone changes, home, cell or work numbers and email.  In the event, you have to be notified regarding your child.
  2. If your child is absent, please call or leave a message to the office number by 9:00 AM.  Include in your message if homework is requested for pick up after 2:30 PM.
  3. Whenever you send or drop off money for lunch, HSA  activities, etc., please include money in an envelope with your child ’s and teacher’s name listed and reason.
  4. Students must arrive by 8:35 PM daily.  
  5. Please try to schedule any doctor appointments for children after school or on Saturday, so that your child does not miss class instruction. 
  6. All visitors must sign in with school security and provide a valid ID.