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Mission Statement

School Number Ten Mission Statement 
The Mission of School Ten is to provide a positive environment in which students are eager to explore and to learn so that they may develop into active, participating and productive citizens in compliance with the goals of the New Jersey Common Core and the Belleville School District’s curriculum.

As we celebrate cultures and differences, we look to pupils, parents, school, and the 
community in order to share the responsibility of student growth and development. We will continue to strive for excellence as well as impart our belief in life-long learning for all.
Practices to Promote Academic Achievement and Growth for the 2017-2018 School Year.
School Number Ten ELA and Math Teachers in grades K-5 will utilize beginning of the year assessments such as, Wonders Series, EnVision Math placement tests as well as DRA assessment scores from previous June to create baseline data to differentiate classroom grouping that will be used 2017-2018 academic year. Students will be placed in leveled groups. Additionally, 2016-2017 PARCC assessment scores will be utilized in grades 3-5. Additional assessments will be administered to the students throughout the academic year to determine growth.

Rationale – Differentiation is a key component in the Envision 2.0 Math series and Wonders! ELA series.  DRA testing is a proven way to differentiate by reading level. In order to better instruct our “above”, “on-level” and “below” students, these instructional components will be used to level our students in order to provide quality instruction based off of their skill level.

Resources Utilized/Activities:
DRA results from the previous school year
Wonders! placement/benchmark tests
Envision 2.0 placement tests
2016-2017 PARCC Scores for grades 3-5

Follow Up Activities:
DRA test will be given in the winter and in the spring
Wonders! weekly assessments and Envision 2.0 assessments will be used to help with grouping throughout the year