Belleville School #10

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Fifths Disease Information

May 8, 2017
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This letter is to inform you that there are recent confirmed cases of Fifth Disease within our school community. Fifth Disease (Erythema Infectiosum Human Parvovirus Infection) is a mild but contagious viral disease that is transmitted primarily through contact with infected respiratory secretions and also mother to fetus.
Fifth Disease usually begins with a red rash on the cheeks. In fact, it is often called “Slapped Cheek Disease” because the cheeks appear as if they have been slapped red. There may be a history of mild symptoms that precede the onset of the rash of “not feeling good”. A low grade fever, headache and gastrointestinal symptoms (stomach discomfort, nausea/vomiting) may also accompany the rash. In one to four days, the facial rash can be accompanied by a lacy red rash on the trunk and extremities. The rash fades, but may reoccur for one to three weeks. Exposure to sunlight and heat may make the rash reoccur.
In adults, the rash is often not present or can look different. Joint pain can also occur in adults lasting days or months. Severe complication of infections is unusual in healthy people.
People are not considered infectious after the onset of the rash. However, it is recommended that any pregnant women who are exposed to Fifth Disease consult with their healthcare provider.
To control the spread of this virus, if your child develops signs and symptoms of Fifth Disease, please contact your child’s healthcare provider and notify your school. Good handwashing and no sharing of utensils is also recommended.
If you have any questions, please call.
Thank you.

Joseph R. Rotonda

Susan Cozzarelli, RN
School Nurse